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Criminal Defense of Law Enforcement Officers

Criminal Defense For Law Enforcement Officers 


Law enforcement historically has been a difficult occupation, you’re held to a higher standard than the rest of society and expected to be better than everybody else.  However, law enforcement officers are real people, with personal lives and troubles like everybody else. 

Even police officers can find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  When they do, they are not only looking at the potential punishment for the crime but the loss of their career, which means they lose their livelihood and often their friends and spouses.  When that happens law enforcement professionals need to take action in order to defend themselves and their future as well as the future of their family.  

If you have been accused of a crime, you may not know whom to turn to.  Every law enforcement agency claims to have a “family environment” however, that feeling of the family disappears and those who were your friends turn their back on you and the prosecutors you have worked alongside in the past are now your opponents asking the courts to send you to prison.

You may be worried about enlisting a criminal defense lawyer, after all, these are the people who have worked against you in the past, cross-examined you, tried to make you look bad in court.  But you need help.

Turn To A Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Understands You And Your Job


The Law Office of Edward J. Ortega is not the typical law office.  I understand your Rights under the Police Officers Bill of Rights, Miranda, Garrity and Lybarger.  Because I got my start in life with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department where I worked many assignments and saw how these rights can be crucial to your best interest.  I know what it’s like to put yourself in harm's way to protect others, the sacrifices of working holidays, graveyards and overtime for your community at the detriment to you, your health, and your family. 

I will defend law enforcement officers, federal agents, and everyone who works in the field of law enforcement against off-duty criminal charges such as domestic violence, assault, battery and DUI. 

Free Law Enforcement Defense Consultation


Call my office at 760-977-7750 to schedule a free consultation.

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