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Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Big Rig Accidents

As a former cross country truck driver who owned my own truck, I know that our nation needs and relies on truck drivers to move the food we eat, goods we buy.  If it weren't for the truck driver our society would come to an abrupt halt.  


However, I have seen the days of professional truck drivers fade away while being replaced by big corporations taking advantage of unqualified people by putting them behind the wheel of substandard equipment and pushing them to drive without proper training, rest or experience to increase the companies profits.  All the while risking the lives of everybody on the road.


Truck drivers are pushed to drive more miles without proper time off to sleep.  They are constantly being pushed to drive further and longer.  Many companies send their drivers out on the road away from home for months at a time.  To please the company many drivers lie on their logbooks to keep the truck rolling for more billable miles and cut corners by falsifying inspection logs instead of doing proper inspections. Many drivers find themselves

20071217 0940 Scooter Sacramento Kenworth.jpg

ostracized for doing proper inspections and requesting repairs on the equipment.  So you need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the trucking industry to understand how to properly handle a trucking case. 

Trucking companies immediately investigate accidents and destroy damaging evidence quickly, so working with an attorney who knows the urgency of a spoliation letter and what evidence is time-sensitive is imperative as well as the federal regulations and time limits trucking companies must retain this evidence are paramount in securing the necessary evidence.  With commercial vehicle accidents, our firm works hard to preserve the evidence in every case to ensure an expert can review the evidence essential to a case.

Personal Injury (Auto Accidents, Slip and Fall, Dog Bites)

When you are injured in an accident you have two choices: you can rely on an insurance company to provide you with fair treatment and settlement or you can call an injury attorney and take legal action.  Before you make this choice it is important to remember that insurance companies serve their own best interests and are dedicated to increasing their profits.  An injury attorney, on the other hand, will serve your best interests and be fully committed to getting you every penny you are due. 

Now many people will say, "I have a great insurance company" however when you ask them if they've ever filed a claim they say no and haven't experienced that side of their insurance company. 

Civil Litigation (Breach of Contract, Negligence, Fraud)

Civil Litigation is complex and expensive.  Common types of civil lawsuits include breach of contract, fraud, negligence and other issues. Filing a lawsuit with the court is the first step any plaintiff in a civil case must take to ask the court to decide a dispute.  How to respond can be confusing and difficult for any defendant in a civil lawsuit. 

The key to civil litigation is thought and planning on how to handle the entire case.  Contact us to to discuss your needs. 

Real Estate, Evictions/Unlawful Detainers, Tenant and Housing Rights

We cover a variety of Real Estate issues:  from purchase agreements to breaches in contracts to realtor issues, we see real estate problems continue to persist in an unstable market.


The rental market tends to be the largest concern currently.  Tenant protections put in place during the coronavirus pandemic are ending around the country and increasing the potential for nonpayment-based evictions.  In California, the statewide eviction moratorium ended on Sept. 30. That means starting October 1, 2021, landlords could issue eviction notices for non-payments. Those notices are typically issued as a three-day, pay or quit notice both nailed to the door and sent via mail. They are complex with the requirements of COVID legislation - a mistake can make or break the case literally. 


At the Law Office of Edward Ortega, we help Landlords and Tenants in the unlawful detainer process (eviction process). California law gives exact requirements to end a tenancy, with different types of termination notices and procedures required for different types of situations.  Contact us to help with the process. 

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