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Our Fees

We offer an array of services:

- Initial Consultation

- General Representation

- "Limited Scope" Representation

- Paralegal Services supervised by the attorney

- Document Preparation Services


Initial Consultation

Ed will review your case and make a recommendation regarding your matter.  The consultation time is not limited -

Ed meets with you personally and takes whatever amount of time he believes is needed to advise you on your matter. 

$200 (excl. taxes) flat rate

General Retainer

This is when you need an attorney to represent you in your case for all purposes.  We charge the customary retainer fee and hourly fee after it is exhausted.


Retainers are the initial payment required to get started. The hourly rate for services is first deducted from the retainer and then billed to you when the retainer is exhausted. Our retainers vary depending on the amount of litigation required and can be more or less than the list price.   

We do not offer payment plans on the retainer fee.

$3,000-$5,000 (excl. taxes)/ $400.00 per hour

"Unbundled" Services or Limited Scope Services

“Unbundled services” is a term commonly used to refer to limited scope representation offered by attorneys. We offer limited scope representation as an affordable legal alternative, by helping you with certain stages of your case, rather than handling your case from start to finish.  This way you retain control over your case and the costs. 


For example, you can hire Ed to make an appearance in Court or mediation or to assist in the preparation of specific documents for your case.  If you hire Ed to perform limited scope work, he will be responsible only for that specific segment of work that you have agreed to.  He will not be assuming responsibility for handling your case in its entirety.  We require you schedule an initial consultation to understand the responsibility of your case and what the attorney will and will not be responsible for.

Call Initial Consult $200 and Flat Rate Quote

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